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ECO Wick Infromation

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The ECO Wick series is designed specifically for natural waxes like soy wax. It is a flat, core less, cotton wick with unique thin paper filaments interwoven for burn stability.

  • This braiding technique also greatly improves rigidity compared to standard cotton and paper cored wicks.
  • The specially treated paper threads provide a controlled curling of the wick making the ECO wick series self-trimming, which results in minimized mushrooming, soot and smoke.
  • ECO wicks are particularly successful in lower melt-point vegetable and paraffin waxes.
  • ECO wicks are recommended for container candles and are generally used in natural wax blends containing less than 30% paraffin.
  • They have been designed to significantly reduce the "afterglow" and smoke often seen in paper cored wicks.
  • An important difference to note with our wick are that the wicks have been primed with high melt point Natural Vegetable wax rather than paraffin wax, enabling you to market your candles as all natural candles.
  • Each wick has been cut to the specified length, primed with a vegetable wax, and come with a 20mm base and 6mm neck metal wick tab.
  • Eco Wicks Offer:
    • Cotton flat core less wick
    • Enhanced curling for self-trimming
    • Minimized mushrooming, soot and smoke
    • Works with Natural waxes like Soy Wax and soy blends
    • Reduces "afterglow"
    • Primed with Natural Vegetable Wax not paraffin

    Wick Size Chart and Suggested Uses Click Here

    • All size recommendations are a guide only. Wax, color and fragrance combinations can affect how a candle will burn. Make test candles with your recipes so you know how your candles will burn.

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    ECO Wick Series for Candles

    R O C
    oz / hr
    Height inch
    Pool dia.
    ECO 1 0.13 1.22 2.2
    ECO 2 0.16 1.46 2.4
    ECO 4 0.17 1.61 2.5
    ECO 6 0.19 1.69 2.6
    ECO 8 0.21 1.89 2.8
    ECO 10 0.24 2.00 2.8
    ECO 12 0.25 2.13 2.9
    ECO 14 0.28 2.20 3.1
    ECO 16 0.29 2.24 3.2

    DISCLAIMER: This data is intended to indicate a general relationship between the wick sizes noted. Individual results will vary depending on the wax type, color, fragrance and the size and shape of the candle produced. Because of the many variables involved, we can not guarantee the final results obtained. The best and safest way to determine the appropriate wick is to test burn and document over and over.
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